Do you want to use Eco Friendly Promotional Bags to promote your brand? We applaud you and would like to help you. Please view our range which includes Totes/Shoppers, Drawstrings and more. If there is something you want and can’t see just ask. We are well know for our bespoke service.

Allington Custom Tote Bags from The Promobag Warehouse

Allington Show Bags.
Brilliant Custom Tote Bags for exhibitions and shows.

Chatham Tote Groups

Chatham Budget Totes.
For a quick promotion that doesn’t break the budget.

Westmarsh Custom Tote Bags

Westmarsh Denim Cotton Canvas Tote.
The Stylish Shoppers’ Choice.

Rainham Custom Tote Bags Group

Rainham Eco Friendly Totes.
Bright and colourful and friendly to the planet.

Dargate Custom Tote Bags Group

Dargate Jute Bags.
The wonder of Jute in a perfect range of colours.

Cranbrook Custom Tote Bags Group

Cranbrook Cotton Canvas Tote.
A wonderful shaped shopper bag for great promotions.

Davington Custom Tote Bags Group

Davington Contrast Jute Bag.
Natural Jute Bag with a subtle white contrast piping.

Eastwell Custom Tote Bags Group

Eastwell Cotton Contrast Bags.
Natural Cotton with contrasting bottom and handles.

Rochester Custom Tote Bags Group

Rochester Contrast Tote Bags.
White with contrasting Sides & Handles.

Snowdown Custom Tote Bags Groups

Snowdown 105gsm Cotton Tote.
Light, Bright and Just Right for your promotions.

Sandgate Custom Tote Bags Group

Sandgate 225gsm Cotton Tote.
Heavy cotton tote for serious promotional duties.

Somerhill Custom Tote Bags Groups

Somerhill 140gsm Cotton Tote.
Medium weight but not middle of the road.

Westbrook Eco Friendly Promotional Bags

Westbrook Drawstring.
Classic Drawstring for memorable promotions.

Rainham Eco Friendly Promotional Bags

Rainham Drawstring Bag.
Lots of colours to show that you’re an Earth-Buddy.

Rainham Lunch Eco Friendly Promotional Bags

Rainham Lunch Cooler Bag
Sustains your clients, your brand and the earth.

Rainham 12 Can Eco Friendly Promotional Bags Group

Rainham 12 Can Cooler Bags.
A big cooler bag for the big outdoors.

Rainham 6 Can Eco Friendly Promotional Bags Group

Rainham 6 Can Cooler Bags.
A 6 pack at the core of great promotions.

Eco Friendly Promotional Bags, Win Win Branding.

Is your’s a brand that cares for the environment? Then eco friendly promotional bags are just right for you. We all know how much harm plastic bags can do. Their decline in use is therefore a good thing. Replacing these with bags for life is wonderful but it is much better when the bag for life is friendly to the earth as well. We are pleased to be able to offer a range of eco bags. Add your logo to them and both you and the environment win.